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What makes the Punta Mita Golf Club Special?

Punta Mita offers meaningful experiences to each visitor and resident. It is a multifaceted destination that holds a unique significance to a variety of luxury travel niches. For some travelers, Punta Mita offers the ideal settings for a chic tropical vacation; for couples, a glamorous wedding venue, for wave seekers, it is the ultimate surf getaway; and for a thriving group of connoisseurs, Punta Mita has become a golf mecca. Now, whether you are reading this article from one of our world-class hotels or a gorgeous residence within our community, chances are you are becoming acquainted with our emblematic brand of des sophistication and relaxed charm. If you are one of our passionate ambassadors, who long ago lost count of how many times you’ve stayed ‘inside the gates, you know exactly what I am talking about. Many of our nearly 400 member families have chosen Punta Mita as their ‘home away from home; the sense of community begins at our Golf Club. If you are new to this community, you might be wondering, ‘What makes the golf club special? What makes any golf club special., Surprisingly, you......

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