Food Guide

Chef Service Casa Tres Soles

This recipe book is a celebration of Mexican cooking that hopefully shares a little of the country’s culinary tastes with our guests and expresses the passion of Chef Octavio, who brings these dishes to life. In addition, it gives guests of Casa Tres Soles a flavor — figuratively and literally — of local and regional cuisine and hints of great tastes from Spain, Columbia, the United States, and Europe. A native of Puerto Vallarta, Chef Octavio, who has a Licenciatura en Gastronomía degree from Instituto Gastronómico de Estudios Superiores in Querétaro, and studied for two-and-a-half years at Escuela Culinaria Internacional in Guadalajara, became enamored with cooking as a boy. “I had to cook a dish of beans for school in celebration of Dia de Los Muertos,” said Octavio. “Once I realized the joy people experienced through food, I was encouraged to explore cooking further.”...

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